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  • Landing page presentation Landing page presentation
  • Increased number of users Increased number of users
  • Advanced 3D modeling Advanced 3D modeling

Taplink is a multi-link service for business profiles on Instagram. We helped them to create a product video with 3D environments and features demonstration.

The Task

Was to create a promo video showcasing the main functions, advantages, and other features of the service. As well as to emphasize the possibility to create links using just a mobile app. 

Placing only one clickable link in a profile description is often not enough. The platform creates various links connected to the main link, which allows users to choose a convenient way to contact you and pay for goods and services.

  • Create websites with a smartphone
  • Make swipe pages
  • Edit blocks
  • 100+ ready templates


SLON Media team developed the whole concept of the video from script to sound design. We created a set of moving 3D elements and environments to use as a background of the video. In the center of a composition, we placed a smartphone model demonstrating the interface of the app while voiceover is describing the features.

Now it’s easy to get the idea of Taplink after watching the one-minute video we made!


  • The video is used as a presentation on a new landing page.
  • Increased number of users
  • We had a chance to use our expertise in advanced 3D environment modeling