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  • Successful launch on ProductHunt Successful launch on ProductHunt
  • More than 500 upvotes More than 500 upvotes
  • Continues to be used as an explainer Continues to be used as an explainer
Perkness on ProductHunt

Perkness is a startup platform that provides companies with highly customizable wellbeing solutions for employees and your company's performance. They asked SLON Media to produce a product video for a successful launch on ProductHunt.

The Task

To create a dynamic and bright animated video that tells about the product and shows its features and how it works. The target audience of the video consisted of chief executives, HR teams, and remote employers in the US region.

The Solution

The project was an excellent experience of interaction between our team and a truly engaged client. It was really easy to communicate, understand the details and implement them in the video. The project was very time-limited, so well-coordinated work helped our team to meet the deadline limited by two weeks and achieve the desired result. Our motion design team did an outstanding job of representing the product’s interface in animation.

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  • The video helped to successfully launch the platform on ProductHunt
  • The product page received more than 500 upvotes
  • Perkness continues to use the video as an effective explainer