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Rise of Kingdoms Championship 3D Trailer

  • Displayed on game streams Displayed on game streams
  • 70k views on YouTube 70k views on YouTube
  • 2D and 3D motion graphics 2D and 3D motion graphics

Rise of Kingdoms is a mobile strategy game developed by the Chinese company Lilith Games. They wanted to launch a new season of the game championship and asked SLON Media to create an animated promo video.

The Task

The main task was not only to present the opening of season 4 but also to pay tribute to all the players and alliances of previous seasons and showcase the Hall of Fame. Target audience: new players and alliances, as well as old ones.


  • Hall Of Fame Animation
  • Last Scene Animation


The graphics combined both 2D and 3D animation. It was important to emphasize an easter egg we invented: among the treasures in the dungeon of Osiris, you can see the real treasures from the game.

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For the first time in 4 seasons, the character of Osiris was introduced to the players. The character was also invented from scratch. Went through several stages of creation.

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  • The trailer was displayed before every game championship stream
  • The video got 70k views on YouTube
  • Advanced 2D and 3D motion graphics involved in the production